The Health Ladder – Health Bites

The Health Ladder – Health Bites

The Health Ladder – Health Bites By Lynette Hill

With most illustrations of a ladder, the goal it to get to the top

But this ladder is different.  It is much more comfortable, safe and easier to remain safely planted on the ground.

So we need to make sure that everything at ground level is optimal.   That’s why with a holistic model, getting your diet and lifestyle choices right are our foundation.

Here are the basics:

LEVEL 1:  Diet and Lifestyle

Excellent diet

  • real food – proper nutrition (personalised to suit You).
  • A healthy weight – not a diet, no fads.
  • Good clean water
  • Nutritional supplementation if indicated by Natural Healthcare Specialist (particularly for children, teenagers, athletes, elderly)

Healthy Lifestyle:

  • Exercise (moderate and personalised to suit You).
  • Fun and friendship
  • Great Sleep
  • Stress Management **

** Healthy Stress Management (factors are Pain, Relationships, Diet, Job Satisfaction, Financial Management Planning)  This might mean making some changes – go up to the next step …

(Voice over) You might need some initial help to achieve this level of health, but once you’re there it’s worth it – and it’s easy to stay healthy.

LEVEL 2: Get some advice

Most people start with Google, and that’s ok, but before you spend a cent, consider some help from those in the know:

  • Health store (condensed nutrients: vitamins, probiotics, super foods)
  • Gym or personal trainer

LEVEL 3: Maybe just a little more help:

  • Life or Career Coach
  • Counsellor
  • Health Coach
  • Budget planner
  • Financial Adviser
  • Massage Therapist (improve relaxation and reduce stress)
  • Hypnotherapy (great for sleep and breaking habits)

You’ve given it a go – you’ve been to the store, the internet, you’ve tried some basics (vitamins, dietary changes etc), but there’s not enough change … Now it’s time to see the experts, those trained to make therapeutic changes to help you make positive changes, and those who can refer you for specific medical care should it be needed.

Light bulb moment (maybe this is a good place to start!


  • Registered Naturopath **
  • Registered Homeopath **
  • Chiropractor
  • Osteopath
  • Chinese Medicine Doctor
  • Nutritionist or (Nutritional excellence and weight management specialist)

This is not where you want to stay, but by working at this level, there is every opportunity that you can return to optimal health and wellness with your feet planted firmly on the ground (safe and healthy).

**  (Registered … fully qualified, and belong to a professional body)


  • Medical Intervention
  • Medical Specialist
  • Emergency Medical Treatment

It’s fantastic that there are life saving medications and procedures here, but it can feel a bit wobbly up here, it’s the toughest place to be on the ladder.


No part of this show is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness.  Nothing on this show is to be construed as medical advice, but is to inform you about the options available, and allow you to ask questions about those options.

If you do have any medical concerns, please contact your medical professional.  Please discuss your personal health with your qualified registered health practitioner before making changes to your diet or adjusting / discontinuing any medication.

We are not responsible for any adverse outcomes associated with using or misconstruing advice or information on this show.


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