Testing at My Remedy

People come to us will all sorts of concerns including insensitivities; allergies, hayfever, eczema, asthma; gut problems such as bloating, IBS and poor digestion; poor immunity; energy issues, adrenal fatigue headaches, and more. In order for you to get well, we need to understand what’s causing the problem.

At My Remedy we make great use of testing procedures. We can offer:


Hemaview (Darkfield live blood observation) is a fantastic way to get an overview of your current health at the cellular level. A qualified Naturopathic Practitioner will take a small pinprick of blood and view it through a microscope. The image is projected onto a TV screen so you are able to see exactly what they are seeing and ask questions as they explain their observations.

It provides our practitioners with information which guides their suggestions for you to achieve optimal health. Hemaview can highlight issues such as nutritional deficiency and gut or digestive issues, inflammation, immune status, toxicity, oxidation and much more. If you want to find out more about Hemaview please go to our page (Hemaview).

Hair Testing for Food Intolerances and Environmental Sensitivities

This procedure is quite painless and simply requires a small amount of hair taken (usually) from the nape of the neck and tests what your body may be currently reacting to. A sample of hair is taken and sent to laboratory for testing for foods, additives and environmental irritants.
Each testing report is then collated in a personalized comprehensive report (approximately 40 pages) which will be explained to you fully by your Naturopath who can guide you as you limit or eliminate foods, or undergo specific therapy to support your system. Each report has a scoring system to show what substances are affecting you the most to the least.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

Mineral imbalances may aggravate many health conditions and lead to toxic metal excesses which in turn can contribute to health issues such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, migraines, learning difficulties, headaches, mood or behavior disorders, and fatigue, plus much more.

HTMA measures the mineral composition of hair and provides reliable clinical data on over 35 nutrient and toxic minerals and tests all major mineral ratios. By understanding the levels and comparative ratios of nutrient and toxic minerals found in hair, potential health problems may be highlighted, enabling your practitioner to make well informed decisions when providing your personalized treatment plan to help you return to optimal health and wellness

Traditional blood tests through Labtest (or equivalent)

Our practitioners are registered to send you for a Blood Test. If needed, a form can be sent to your Doctor or local Blood Laboratory for specific testing where indicated.

Hormonal Testing:

Specific tests can be discussed and organized in consultation if indicated.

Results focused:

When testing results come back, they will be discussed with you at an appointment focused on creating a personal health plan for you, taking care to ensure any dietary or lifestyle recommendations made are realistic for you and (where food is to be eliminated), to make sure all nutrients are accounted for in order to provide a balanced diet.