HemaView – Now Called FocuSpect

Hemaview – also known as FocuSpect – is a form of live blood screening and is based on one of the oldest and most highly developed of medical sciences, haematology. Hemaview is a proactive and preventative assessment.

Hemaview at My Remedy is amazing because it lets you see what ís going on in the inside. Hemaview takes away the guesswork and helps your practitioner to discover the possible causes or reasons that you feel the way you do.

The results from your Hemaview screening are used as a part of an assessment of your overall health and to help uncover the underlying factors that might be contributing to your health issues.

What can be seen with Hemaview / FocuSpect?

We are all general practitioners but each of us have particular specialities and interests, including

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Certain biochemical imbalances
  • Signs of inflammation
  • Immune function Oxidation / free radical damage of your cells
  • Signs of the presence of infections
  • The possibility of food allergies
  • Blood fat levels
  • Essential fatty acid deficiency signs
  • Liver stress / toxicity
  • Dehydration
  • The potential for blood clotting


Why seeing your blood through Hemaview is Important

The blood is the main transport system within your body, carrying oxygen and nutrients to your organs, and 

eliminating toxins and carbon dioxide out of your body. It also carries hormones and other metabolic regulators to maintain normal physiological function, and the circulating immune cells helps to keep you from getting sick.

The blood carries this vast amount of information about your body and how it is operating every day. What Hemaview allows us to do is to take a peek at this raw data of how your body is functioning.


What happens in a Hemaview / FocuSpect Consultation

All that is needed is a pinprick of blood taken from the finger. This blood remains unstained and chemically untreated during examination. The blood is placed onto a glass slide and examined under a darkfield microscope so that it can be observed in its living state to assess any discrepancy or deficiencies in cells, platelets and other blood parameters.Your live blood is then displayed on a TV screen, showing the factors that may indicate health problems or risks.

Being able to detect early changes in blood parameters enables your practitioner to support your body to be optimal before disease occurs, or to track your progress from disease to back to health. It is incredibly motivating to see your own blood live on a screen in front of you and to see the changes achieved from working with your Practitioner towards better health. At My Remedy, we provide our patients with a comprehensive Hemaview Report which contains photographs and information about all of the parameters we have noted (see example below). We also provide a treatment plan (or protocol) with recommendations made based upon full consultation and Hemaview.

The initial consultation takes approximately 1.5 hours and includes a very comprehensive consultation process to be fully aware of all issues and lifestyle choices that may be influencing your health status. A follow up consultation is very important to monitor the changes and continue the treatment plan properly. This appointment usually takes one hour. Further appointments may be necessary in future depending upon the nature of illness, and to support ongoing wellness. Follow up Hemaview assessments can also effectively monitor your response to treatment.

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