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Hemaview - Focuspect

Hemaview - now called Focuspect, is a form of live blood screening and is based on one of the oldest and most highly developed of medical sciences, haematology. Hemaview is a proactive and preventative assessment.



Homeopathy is a unique form of natural medicine that treats disease by uncovering and resolving what is causing illness, be it a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issue.



Hypnotherapy can assist many different kind of changes for adults and children (age 7 upwards). This is the time when the subconscious mind opens up, ready to take on board what it needs to hear to make positive changes for the future.


Other Services

Our other services include testing for your blood type and standard Naturopathy appointments. All appointments available online are initial consults only. You will be able to book further sessions at the time of your appointment.

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