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The Healing Properties of Herbal Tea

The Healing Properties of Herbal Tea

When I drink Tea,

I am conscious of peace.

The cool breath of heaven

rises in my sleeves, and

blows my cares away.

Chinese Poet LOTUNG

When you are part of a team which creates a range of therapeutic herbal teas , it makes you really want to immerse yourself in the idea of it. The value of it.  Will this herb work better than that herb, what do I really want in that blend?, What do I want it to do?

I have been working with natural medicine since 1995 when I attended my first course,  and as a medical herbalist it is easy for me to prepare a 200ml bottle of medicinal herbs which will invoke a healing response within the body. Herbal Teas, though, are such a gentle and simple way to  try herbs if you are new to them, and I also love how easily and quickly they are absorbed into the body so you can get that healing response activated!

Tea is the most popular drink in the world, other than water. It also dominates the economies of many Asian, Indian and African countries, particularly in the rural areas. Nowadays it is pleasing to see that Fair Trade practises are becoming more common among tea purchasers and local tea plantations.  Some of the most popular teas, of course, have always been  black, white , oolong  and green teas.

The healing properties of plants have been used for thousands of years.  In fact, many  pharmaceutical drugs were based on the original plant properties. The heart medicine digitalis came from the herb foxglove, and the asthma drug ephedrine  from the herb ephedra.  Herbs are concentrated foods ,packed  full of vital nutrients, vitamins and medicinal properties.

Like herbs, teas also have a long history spanning many centuries, originating in China and then circumnavigating the globe as word spread of the deliciousness of teas!  Monks have used tea as a religious drink, and it has been revered as a precious commodity at royal tables.

For me, using herbs are such a normal part of my life that I often forget others have not yet come to that point. Herbal teas are such a good place to start your journey into the world of herbs. They are so easy to use and so effective – such a simple and safe way to support your health because of their restorative value to the human body.  So calming to sit back and relax with a good cup of tea, and just catch up with yourself a little bit.

If it’s a herb tea you are drinking, then you are getting the healing energy of potent herbs at the same time!  Take Dandelion for instance, as well as being an exceptional  liver tonic, it is a bitter  herb which  helps improve fat digestion, helps you excrete excess water-a natural diuretic – and helps the liver to gently detoxify so it can do it’s job more efficiently.  Milk Thistle contains Silymarin which while helping to rejuvenate your liver, also detoxifies which supports an improvement in skin issues, chronic headaches and low energy.

As a practising medical herbalist I can tell you that herbs and herbal medicine have become more and more popular over recent  years as there is a resurgence of people looking at other options for health care and taking more responsibility for their day to day health.  In Hippocrates time, herbs WERE the official medicines!  With the resurgence of antibiotic resistance and strong viruses and bacterial infections, it is prudent to look to herbs for their anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Herbs complement a good diet and a healthy lifestyle, and do more for your body by treating symptoms and supporting the underlying health issue.

A herbal tea can include any of the following plant parts – leaves, flowers, berries, seeds, roots, rhizomes, or bark, generally steeped in water- but it  is so much more than just a drink.  It is positive plant energy!  Herbs are plants that grow in the sunlight, they may flower or  bear fruit, but in the roots,  leaves,  flowers and berries lie biochemical properties that have a healing and restorative effect on our body.  There is a healing energy in herbs and herb teas,  and they are a perfect way to use the drugless healing power of herbs every day as an effective  defence against disease and “dis-ease”.

Herb teas have hundreds of years of tradition to back up their use and efficacy.

Another thing which occurs to me as I write this post is the body’s need for water to hydrate and help with the assimilation and absorption of nutrients.  As water is the substrate in which herbal teas are prepared you are getting a double bonus right there.  The water diffuses the potency of the herb to allow it to be easily and quickly absorbed into the body. It’s a great way to help you reach your daily water quota.

I believe that herbal teas are a natural way to get the protective health benefits of herbs without taking a liquid tincture or capsules of dried herbs.   Just one teaspoon per cup is a good measure for a remedy which will be absorbed quickly and easily into the body – Let the healing begin!

For Natural Healing all you have to do is steep and pour

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