Holistic Weight Loss Program

Holistic Weight Loss Program

Do you want to lose weight?
Are you having trouble shifting those kilos?

Did you know being overweight and struggling to shift weight can be caused by many different reasons?

Would you like to work with a weight loss expert team to reach your weight loss goals?

Join the first and only holistic weight loss program available nationwide now.

At My Remedy Natural Health Clinic our Naturopath, Nutritionist and Hypnotherapist have teamed up to offer you a NEW 6-week weight loss program.

What you will receive from the programme:

Over 6 weeks you will get to see each practitioner twice, once for an Initial appointment and once for a follow up appointment.

  • Week 1: 60 minute Initial Consultation with Hypnotherapist
  • Week 2: 45 minute Initial Consultation with Naturopath
  • Week 3: 45 minute Initial Consultation with Nutritionist
  • Week 4: 45minute follow up appointment with Hypnotherapist
  • Week 5: 30 minute follow up appointment with Nutritionist
  • Week 6: 30 minute follow up appointment with Naturopath

How will each practitioner help you?


Naturopath: Mike Eyres

Our Registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist can discuss whether you need help to balance your hormones, reduce your stress (cortisol) levels or improve the health of your gut. To make sure there are no blocks that can hold back your weight loss success,  your initial appointment will include a live blood screening (Hemaview) session and report that will give you a snapshot of your health at a cellular level.

Hypnotherapist: Stefanie Schaefer

Our Hypnotherapist will assist you to stop emotional or binge eating, reduce portion sizes, stop snacking, junk food intake, stop sugar cravings, stop food obsessions and increasing your motivation to exercise.

Nutritionist: Natalie Brady

Our Registered Clinical Nutritionist will create an easy to follow meal plan that is tailored to you, your lifestyle and your taste preferences. She will also take into consideration any food intolerances, allergies and food dislikes you may have. She will motivate you, inspire you and educate you around food choices and why you need to make them to reach your weight loss goals. To hold you accountable for your food choices she will also get you to fill out a food diary over the weeks you work with her.

Why choose this holistic weight loss programme?

This is the first and only holistic weight loss program available nationwide. All of our practitioners are very experienced and qualified and work together closely. This way we ensure that you are in the best hands and get the best results possible.

Appointments are available by skype, zoom or in person at the My Remedy Clinic.

Total Program Cost: $690
Three equal payments of $230 are due per week per practitioner for the first 3 weeks covering the follow up appointment for week 4-6.

Credit card payment available.

For more info or to book your own program start, please call our practitioner Stefanie on 021 022 45727 at My Remedy Clinic in Browns Bay/Auckland or email stefanie@myremedy.co.nz

Program available from 24th of June 2019 onward. (Limited spaces available)

Need support to get yourself started? Why not talk to one of our team!

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