Your team are your most valuable asset.

 So, How much does it cost your company if your staff are unwell?

Workplace Wellness: brought to you by My Remedy

The effects of poor immunity, nutritional deficiency and workplace stress are costing NZ businesses millions of dollars and that’s where we’re ready to make a change.

My Remedy offers Workplace Wellness packages to help individuals within organisations to find their way back to optimal health with a variety of health and wellness modalities which include naturopathy, homeopathy, nutritional advice, stress management, smoking cessation and weight loss through hypnotherapy, weight maintenance, and workplace evaluation programs.

According to Southern Cross:

'An absent employee typically costs

a Kiwi business $600 to $1,000 a year and

46% of Kiwis will turn up to work even

when they’re sick.'

Not only will those staff members not perform well, they're risking the wellness of other staff members perpetuating an 'unwell workplace', resulting in more absenteeism and reduced productivity across the board.  Can your business realistically sustain that?

What Is Workplace Wellness

My remedy Workplace Wellness

We offer companies onsite health and wellness assessments and programs to help staff feel valued and enable them to perform more optimally in the workplace. Following our initial health and wellness event with your staff, our team come weekly or fortnightly to your facility to do individual health and wellness assessments for you and your staff.

Benefits of a Wellness Program

  • Improved general health and well-being
  • Improved morale and attitude
  • Improved the sense of being a team
  • check
    Improved productivity
  • check
    Improved employer/employee relationship
  • check
    Reduced turnover rate
  • check
    Decreased absenteeism
  • check
    Decreased injuries

If you care about the wellness of your staff and are ready to increase both your retention and productivity, contact us today.

Want to find out more?

Download our Workplace Wellness Brochure to find out how we can work with your organisation to support the health of your staff, decrease absenteeism and increase morale and productivity.

Who Can We Help?

Were you aware that implementing a workplace wellness program is the single most important way to create a safe and healthy workplace where workforce feel appreciated and perform to their best expectations.

It has been shown that companies that implement solid workplace wellness policies maintain a more productive output from staff, reduce worker absenteeism and sick days as well as maintain healthy relationships between management and the workforce.

Business Owners

Are you sure your policies are documented and implemented with measurable KPIs?

Do you have identified personnel who are responsible for overseeing and implementing your policies?  And remember to include yourself in the picture when you take stock of your companies workplace wellness program.

Business Management

Are you responsible in your current position, for the overarching development and implementation of your workplace wellness policies?  

Can you deliver on these policies and do you have the full support from business owners to ensure workers needs are balanced with business outcomes?

Workforce And Staff

Are you currently employed and feeling under stressed and possibly missing work through sickness or possible family sickness?

Helping to implement a workplace wellness program in your workplace can help in many ways to build a satisfactory working environment to help you succeed.

Partners And Families

As families and partners, you are often the first people to witness the results of a properly implemented workplace wellness program.   If you have noticed the employer for your partner is missing the importance of running a program to support their workers, you may be able to introduce us to someone who we can contact and begin the conversation that can support yourself, your partner and ultimately your family.

Government Department

Government departments within New Zealand often have a specified budget allocated towards workplace wellness programs.

Are you in charge of this budget?  Do you know how your KPIs are being met and can you report on these to superiors?


If you represent your workforce as the union delegate, you will be aware that a workplace wellness program can go a long way towards ensuring a harmonious workplace.  Would you like to introduce us to someone in the company who we can start the dialogue with to bring the support you need for workplace and people?

Our Programs

We offer 2 programs to help support you and your staff to wellness in your workplace.

On Site Wellness Days

This program has been created to help your staff achieve optimal wellness and functionality both in the workplace and their home lives, as well as supporting businesses to achieve their ‘Workplace Wellness’ strategic visions of increased engagement, worker satisfaction and productivity in the workplace.

Through this program, our goal is to help staff

  • Feel more rested and have better quality sleep
  • Experience increased energy and stamina
  • Develop a healthier immune response
  • Achieve better mental and emotional wellness
  • Take less days off for due to sickness or stress

Essentially we ‘in source’ members of our qualified wellness team to your business either weekly, fortnightly or monthly (depending on the size of your business) for one on one health consultations. We come to you and set up our mobile clinic in your premises, making access to health and wellness consultations easier for your staff, creating a ‘workplace of wellness’ philosophy and resulting in happier, more engaged, healthy and productive staff.

What we offer:

  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly ‘Wellness Days’. Frequency is dependent on the size of your company

  • Sessions including Hemaview, Blood Typing, Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose test

  • Discounted rates for family and friends in clinic, with additional specialist care for chronic, complicated or medical conditions (additional and onsite at My Remedy Clinic)

  • An informative book with all the tips you need to live a healthier life, with a  personalised health plan to follow and supplementation recommendations if needed.

  • If required we can provide: High quality, pharmacy grade, natural supplements, delivered directly to you

  • Recommendation for medical testing if required for health diagnosis (with GP)

Please note: in the case of chronic illness, we may recommend more in depth sessions with one our specialist team at the My Remedy Clinic in Browns Bay.  Cost of supplementation is additional.

workplace wellness my remedy

Program Offering

Daily Rate 9.30am  - 5.30pm - $900 plus GST 

9-9.30 is setup, 5.30-6pm is breakdown

Frequency to be agreed upon by company depending on company size - Between once a week and once every 3 months.

Step 1: In house

30 minute Health Audit Assessment/Screening (maximum of 10 people per day)  

This is usually all that most people require. From our observation, about 70% of people screened require this level of intervention with simple diet and lifestyle changes being all that is needed.

During these screenings if someone needs further support, for example, for gut issues / IBS; stress management, poor  immune resilience, they will be booked for a further appointment in order to provide specific supplemental support for health correction. (See Step 2.)


  • Blood typing

  • Blood pressure

  • Focuspect blood screening report

Everyone will receive  an information booklet including:

  • Naturopathic diet and lifestyle suggestions

  • Tips for stress

  • Tips for healthy sleep

  • Tips for immunity

  • A personalised handwritten acute script with  supplemental recommendations if required.

Step 2: In house - one month later

1 hour follow up to take full medical history and receive a personalised 3 month naturopathic treatment plan including herbal and practitioner only nutritional supplements and tailored diet and lifestyle advice.  

Requires one monthly 1 hour follow up appointments for 2 months.  Cost of supplementation and testing (if required) is additional and at employee’s cost or at employers discretion.


In the case of serious illness, diagnosed disease or a condition disclosed by the patient to our practitioner that is not appropriate to be seen in house, or is over and above the scope of the Workplace Wellness Programme, we recommend an appointment with one of our specialist team at My Remedy.

Referral to My Remedy: 

For serious health conditions such as mood disorders (Mental Health), diabetes, allergies, skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, autoimmune conditions, hormonal problems, inflammatory conditions, chronic fatigue,  we recommend that the clinical consultation shifts to our Clinic with one of our specialists in order to be able to take a complete history, in a private setting and have the best testing and clinical procedures available.

This consultation is separate to the Wellness Program as these conditions are complex and the care and maintenance can be ongoing. Cost to be covered by individual (employee), or at Employers Discretion.



A balanced diet, regular physical activity, and positive environment are among the most important factors for a happy working life.

Besides the obvious humane reasons for wanting everybody to be healthy and happy, it also pays off in terms of productivity and efficiency.

Fit and satisfied employees are more productive and they cost a company less.


We can also provide health seminars, lunch and learn sessions and onsite health assessments for your employees, some of the categories for the seminars include:

  • Stress Management Programs
  • Healthy Snacking Programs
  • Naturopathic approach to various health conditions
lynette hill seminar go green expo 2018

 If you have a particular topic for a seminar for your employees related to health, please inform us ahead of time, when booking your seminar dates with us, and we will prepare information handouts on the topic of your choice.


If you are interested in booking a lunch and learn session for your employees or would like for us to participate in your health and safety wellness week or wellness events, or would like to set up health assessments for your staff and clients contact us today.

Case Study: YourFix TV

"We're specialists in media, marketing and live streaming and as a smaller, hands on team, we simply cannot afford to have sick days. Live streaming is the core of our business and many of our streams are time dependent, so part of our own workplace wellness strategy has involved regular checkups with Lynette and the team to ensure we stay well and on track. On the odd occasion when a team member has become unwell, the My Remedy Team have helped get them back to health and back to work quickly. The things our team have noticed: better sleep, more able to deal with stress, better nutrition, more energy and better overall wellness. As a result, we have a happy, healthy, high functioning and growing team of engaged individuals, who are able to deliver great results for our clients and our company. "                                                      - Monique Bradley. TV presenter, web TV host and Principle

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