Kate Fitness – Homeopath

BSc  R C Hom

I have been studying Natural Medicine since 2006. Firstly at Wellpark College, on the Naturopathy course, then I switched to Auckland College of Homeopathy and graduated from SPCNM in 2013. Homeopathy is my real passion, as we work with the whole person, mind and body. Also Homeopathy can make huge leaps in recovery, where as with other modalities, small changes can take quite a while. I have been running the Natural Medicine Centre in Orewa since November 2014. This is now going to be run on a smaller scale from home in Arkles Bay. The important new development is that I will be joining My Remedy and being part of the excitement and buzz that they have in Takapuna.

During this year I have been prescribing a lot of Bach Flower Blends often in conjunction with a remedy. Sometimes they work to start off a process by relieving anxiety, for example then the Homeopathic remedy goes on to do the deeper healing. I have also found some wonderful products that support a particular organ in the healing process. I’m looking forward to discovering more about products that ‘get the job done’ at My Remedy.

Before this year, I have been a College teacher for 23 years, teaching Science and Social Science, but mostly teenagers …of course. In the last four years I taught Early Childhood Education. My area of specialty now is Mental Health, but my practice has included cases from every aspect of disease. I am married, with two teenage children, who have been brought up with Homeopathy. We live at Wade Heads in a converted boat shed and keep our classic yacht on the Weiti River. I love the sea and escape out there whenever I can.

Homeopathy is my real passion, as well as my job and I go about solving a chronic case like a detective looking for clues. People give you important clues to the remedy they need, in almost everything they say to you in a consultation and sometimes within minutes of walking in the door. I have met so many more wonderful people this year and found them remedies that can change their lives and I’m looking forward to meeting a lot more at My Remedy.

Email: kate@myremedy.co.nz