Lynette Hill – BNatMedwpfede56ee_06

  • Hemeopath
  • Naturopath
  • Darkfield Microscopist

My wish is to help others, through homeopathy and naturopathic practices to live a healthy lifestyle and feel empowered to take control of their own health decisions.

A healthy body begins with healthy thinking. Hemeopathy acts to remove ‘blockages’ in ones thinking or behaviour. Hemopathic consultation takes into account the whole person; their thoughts and feelings, emotions and physical symptoms.

When the mind is freed from stress and old habits and thoughts, the body relaxes, and healing can begin. Remedies are tailored specifically to the totality of each individual and work in a very deep way.

Naturopathically I try to determine the root cause of dis-ease and disorders utilising the practice of Hemaview. I have worked in this field for eight years and believe that it is important to look at the physical status of patients in order to support their nutritional and immunological health. In addition, by removing toxicity, and addressing specific nutritional deficiencies patients can become healthier and stronger, allowing the body to function correctly. I provide an informative and individualised treatment plan for every patient.

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